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VNC is a family of servers and clients that provide remote access to your Windows, Mac, or Unix/Linux workstation over any TCP/IP connection such as an Internet connection, LAN connection, BlueTooth or WiFi connection. (For more information on VNC, see the VNC homepage)

PalmVNC is the VNC client for the Palm OS® platform. It was originally written by Vladimir Minenko, providing black-and-white access to your PC from the original Palm Pilot devices. Harakan Software later took over the development of the program, to exploit the functionality of newer Palm models such as the Palm IIIc and Palm V series. (For more information, see the PalmVNC homepage). The latest version release by Harakan software was 1.40.

PalmVNC 2.0 is the latest evolution of PalmVNC. Among other improvements, it adds support for the enhanced screen resolutions of the latest models from Sony and Palm™, and Palm OS® 5 compatibility.

> Check the Hardware Compatibility Chart

  • Ultra-thin client, uses only a few Kb of RAM.
  • VNC servers available for a wide variety of platforms
  • High resolution display on Palm OS® 5 and Sony Clié™ devices
  • Supports collapsible silkscreen (DIA) and screen rotation on compatible devices
  • Desktop displayed in 256 colors on color devices, in greyscale on B&W devices
  • Supports server-side scaling to reduce bandwidth (*)
  • Full source code available under GNU GPL.

(*) Requires a VNC server with server-side scaling extensions

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PalmVNC 2.0 is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). The full terms of this licence can be found here.

Basically, the GPL entitles you to use the software free of charge, to have access to its source code, and to make any further developments based on this source code, provided that the results are also distributed under the terms of the GPL.

However, if you use PalmVNC 2.0 and find it useful, you are kindly asked to register for a small fee.

  • to show your appreciation and support
  • to receive e-mail notification of updates
  • to get e-mail support



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