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Chad Conrad wrote on PalmGear: "I haven't sent in my money yet, but that's more because I'm cheap than because of any fault with this software. I tried version 2.0.1 on both a Tungsten C over Wi-Fi and on my own m500 using GPRS via IR. It really rocked on the T|C (see pictures I took at, and the speed on the m500 was acceptable, though the viewing experience is obviously better on a color screen with 4 times the pixels... It was extremely simple to make this product work, and since it's based on an open standard (VNC) that many of my friends and family already use, it's that much more useful. I've looked at Winhand (i.e. read the docs), and it looks so complicated I haven't even tried it. Also, I like that VNC is cross-platform, while Winhand is only for Windows. VNC (and PalmVNC) even works through firewalls; the easiest way to make it work is to change the port to 80 as described on the RealVNC website. It worked for me. One little complaint: I haven't had a chance to try the server-side scaling because I can't find a VNC distribution that has this extension, other than the one that comes with PalmVNC, and that one is out of date compared with what is available at the RealVNC website. Best of all, the GPL-ness of this product makes it free, though I really should give the guy some money to show him that this is useful to me."

Jeffrey Liss wrote on PalmGear: "This program works great on the Treo 300. It is fast. Simple to set up and install. Keyboard support. I find that VNC goes at the same speed as the Blazer Browser. Very cool with many useful functions, such as sending files via Email, receiving Email Attachments and watching streaming stock quotes in real time."

Stephen W. wrote: "Olivier! Sensational piece of software! Thank you for bringing this up to date.
Being able to access my iMac (running OS X) from my Sony Clie is fantastic! Thanks again.

Hayden H. wrote: "Great product, just wanted to offer some encouragement to keep up development.. I have been using it often on my Tungsten C. Thanks."

Alexei Balaganski wrote: "A great tool for network administrators."

Hal DeVore wrote: "Works great on Sony CLIE NX-60 over the WiFi card!."

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